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Breath & the Subtle Body : A Pranayama Immersion

  • Palo Santo Wellness Boutique 1707 East Passyunk Avenue Philadelphia, PA, 19148 United States (map)

We know that breath is the foundation of Life. We are aware of its power in Asana. We are aware of its power when it is absent. We know that not all breathing is equal. The location, the type, the length, the qualities within it, all serve to create a different effect on the body and the mind. 

In this workshop, we will learn about the subtleties of the breath. Through lecture and experience will cover :

  • How we know if Prana is present and what happens when it is not 

  • How and why we engage Prana deeply into the body vs other breathing techniques.

  • The practice and purpose of retention.

  • How to adjust classical breathing techniques to have a specific effect.

  • Why ujjayi is the foundational breath for this process.

  • How we can use breathing techniques to fulfill goals in asana, visualization via the chakras, and meditation.

Cost : $45