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Ayurvedic Studies Immersion with Luna Yoga London

This video is about Yoga's Function

Yoga offers a strong stable way to become more attuned through all expressions of movement and stillness, whether that be of the body or the contours of the mind. In a simplistic way, yoga teaches us the methods for perception and growth while Ayurveda teaches us how to perceive and then apply these technique for growth.

In this comprehensive 20h course, we will explore how Yoga and Ayurveda work synergistically together. By the end of the program you will feel literate in body and mind movement both in yourself and those around you. You will understand what Dosha is and how to manage it as it fluctuates with life. You will become more fluent in Prana and see and feel tangibly how it manifests - supports and inhibits. 

Every day will be a combination of experiential practice of the topics as well as lecture and discussion. This course is open to all, but is especially wonderful for yoga teachers and devoted practitioners ready to take their practice to a new level - where the classical world of yoga meet the modern world of ourselves. 

We will cover :

Asana building based on Marma

5 Vayus

5 Elements

3 Doshas

10 senses

Ego/Mind Development