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Advancing Your Asana - 6 Week Series

  • Smiling Dog Yoga 1224 Archer Street San Luis Obispo, CA, 93401 United States (map)
Koundanyasana I Smile.jpg

So many of us dream of floating into headstands with ease, of lightly lifting off our toes to balance like a scale in handstand, to bravely tip sideways into a clean side crow posture. During scheduled classes however, there is rarely enough time to breakdown and workshop these asanas. Thus, in this 6 week series, we will do this very thing. 

Every class will begin with a fluid warm up to prepare the body for the necessary mechanics to come. From here we will learn and develop the necessary tools to arm balance, invert, and move into more complex standing balances. 

Each week we will focus on a different aspect. Week 1 & 4 : Arm Balances ; Week 2 &5 : Inversions ; Week 3 & 6 : Standing Balances  

This workshop is open to all levels, but it is recommended that you are able to practice and sustain an aligned chatturunga dandasana for 3-5 breaths. For those who are able to balance already, I will offer you more complex asana variations on those you already know and love. There is something for everyone, guaranteed. 

See you on the mat!