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Prana in Action

  • Main Line Yoga Shala 711 Montgomery Ave Narberth PA 19072 USA (map)
Ardha Titibhasana Bakasana 3:4.jpg

Every posture in asana is active. The postures must be active enough so that our minds do not leave the body and think of other things. They cannot be so active however, that all we can think of is the pain or intensity of the posture. This is often called the "Edge." The unique actions of every posture have to do with the way the prana supports the body - like helium inflating a balloon to lift it. If there is not enough helium, or if it is not evenly distributed, or if the walls of the balloon do not have enough strength, the balloon will not lift well. This is how Prana works in asana!

In this workshop, we will explore (physically) and discuss the Energy Channels of the Body (Nadis) and how they create this equal force of balancing energy - (Sama Vayu). We will then explore how to create Active yet Calm Prana in every posture as well as transition in order to experience a more constant state of Stillness and Ease.

You will leave feeling refreshed, excited, and with a deeper ability to connect and direct the energies that make you tic!

Cost is $25 pre-register and $30 at the door