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Vayu Mechanics

  • Main Line Yoga Shala 711 Montgomery Ave Narberth PA 19072 USA (map)
Ardha Titibhasana Bakasana 3:4.jpg

We all know that Asanas are effective in creating strength, flexibility, and that unique peaceful feeling in the mind. Often however, we do not know the science behind why this occurs. In this workshop, we will explore (physically) and then discuss (via lecture) the Energy Channels of the Body (Nadis) and how Prana interacts with and is controlled by Physical and Mental Posture Variation so as to create this special experience during Practice.

We will begin with a 2h yoga asana practice complete with a full 15 minute savasana (!!) and after a short break, reconvene for a conversation of how the mechanics of prana influence both the body and mind. 

You will leave feeling refreshed, excited, and with a deeper ability to connect and direct the energies that make you tic!

Cost is $55 Pre-registered ; $60 at the door.