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300h Ayurvedic Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training at Wild Rose Yoga

  • Smiling Dog Yoga 1227 Archer Street San Luis Obispo, CA, 93401 United States (map)

The goal of this program is to deepen the understanding of the greater purpose of asana and instruction and encourage creative thinking from practitioners while staying true to the original intentions of the texts.

Some topics will be review from various 200h YTTs, but I think it is important to do so so that all students are on the same page.

Review :

  • The Vedas - what they are, how they relate to the practice of Yoga

  • 6 Methods of  Vedic Thought

  • 4 Schools of Yoga - what they are and how their separate goals lead to the same place

  • Samkhya

  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (8 Limbs, Vritti (Klistha and Aklishtha), Klesha, Knowledge and Perception)

  • Purusha Arthas

  • Surya Namaskars (4)

  • 6 Mobilities of the Spine/Rotations of Asana in Space/Joint Mobilities

  • Vinyasas on each plane (6)

  • Asanas as Families with shared alignment

  • Bandha - Mula, Uddhiyana, Jalanadhara, Shakti Cholani, Hasta Bandha, Pada Bandha, Binds in Asana, Contact of parts of body with each other

  • Pancha Vayu & Nadis

  • Pranayama - Types and Purpose (Bhrimhana/Langhana)

  • Sapta Kosha

  • Ayurveda - Samkhya, Maha Gunas, 20 Gunas, 5 Elements, 3 Doshas, 7 Dhatus, 10 Senses, Rtu Cikitsa

  • Western Anatomy - Joints, Eccentric/Concentric/Isomentric Mobilities

  • Use of Props

In-depth Exploration : 

  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika - how it pertains and instructs asana, memorization of 3-5 shlokas

    • All further study and analysis of Hatha Yoga will be based on this text

  • Goals of Asana - Sthiram/Sukham - how to achieve this via action, which leads to passive vision

  • Surya Namaskars (Classical, Surya A & B, Lunar Namaskar) - This will be Review

    • How to adjust the namaskars so as to give a preview to the body of what is to come in the sequence

  • Physical Theming, Pranic Theming, Philosophical Theming can all be introduced as needed for the class

  • Joints as Bandha - how to utilize straight/bend/locked joints to create energetic direction/charge/adjust pressure of asana/Blocked Flow-Free Flow

    • Simplifying/Amplifying asana using joint mobilities

  • Ha/Tha Sequencing - Tha in Ha asana/sequence Ha in Tha asana/sequence

  • Sequencing according to Pancha Vayu utilizing locks

  • Karma of Asana - Zero Sum Principle 

  • Asana as Mudra - Relating back to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika - How sthiram and sukham appear from Zero Sum Principle and how the 8 Limbs progress from here

    • As the physicality of the asana neutralizes, the prana flows evenly and without effort as directed by bandha, the as an becomes a Mudra - a place for consciousness to live to experience a particular karma 

  • Development of personal practice

  • Pranayama - How to mix and adjust to create energetic effect at the beginning of class, amidst sequences, at the end. How same pranayama type can be utilized differently at different moments in class.

    • Kumbhaka - purpose of Pranayama 

    • How to get Prana from Ida/Pingala to balance so it can enter Shushumna

    • Kundalini Shakti Prana circulating through an asana (when it is mudra)

    • Rhythm of breath delineating rhythm of movement in and between asanas 

      • Moving on breath, pausing in kumbhaka, moving on kumbhaka etc 

      • Counting breath in asana practice

      • Using Bandha/Kumbhaka/Inhale/Exhale to achieve different effects in asana, to make “flying”/inverting easier

    • Review of Ujjayi - what it is and how to know if it is not there

    • Signs of correct and incorrect flow of prana in a student/in self

  • Sequencing according to Kosha - How to move through all 7 Koshas in one class setting

  • Chakra/Bindu/Marma - Direction of prana through a Chakra.

  • How this process moves Prana through the Shushumna to create the experience of Kundalini Shakti (Tantra)

  • Ayurveda

    • Sub Dosha

    • Agni (13 Agnis)

    • Samanya & Vishesha (Likesness and Opposition) 

    • Karma Vidana of Substances (Rasa, Guna, Virya, Vipaka, Prabhava, Karma, Roga)

    • Sequencing according to Time/Place/Circumstance considering Samanya & Vishesha

  • Sequencing : 

    • Sequencing for 101 class - how to teach a beginner module using complex themes 

    • Sequencing for Advanced class - how to use themes to steer minds away from peak posture “ownership”

    • Teaching a multi-level class simultaneously (4 classes in one)

    • How to adjust while teaching

      • Adjustment methodologies

      • Demoing/Practicing with Students/Teaching from the front of the room/Teaching from the back of the room/Consideration of Personal Space

    • Utilization of Silence while teaching 

  • Mantra - memorization of Mantra to use in class (aloud or silent)

    • Freeing the Singing Voice

    • Sanskrit pronunciation & Rhythm of Sutras

  • Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Non-Violent Communication, Inclusive (really non-exclusive languaging)

  • Trauma-Informed Training

  • Business of Yoga - International understanding, Cultural sensitivity, Awareness and logistics of teaching abroad, Yoga as business, Ethics of dana (money/time)

  • Creating space, setting tone, authentic voice

  • Sharing circle

  • Independent Study - Homework, Regular Sequence Creation (Daily? Weekly?), Memorization of Sanskrit

Why this training ?

  • This training is thoughtful, clear, and inspiring. It is based off 20 years of faithful study and practice.

  • Our classes will be appropriately built to serve the students in the room, the time of day and year, and will be inspiring, creative, scientifically supported, and safe.

Cost :

Early Bird : 2500 USD

Full Price : 2750 USD

About Your Teacher :

Sera, your lead teacher, has been a lifetime student and accomplished teacher of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Thai Body Work. Her knowledge of physical and subtle anatomy is grounded in present experience and every day inquiry. She specializes in bringing the subtle into the clear present and revealing the hidden art in the obvious. She has been teaching trainings internationally for over 6 years and has recently join the San Luis Obispo and Smiling Dog Family to grow her practice and share the gems of the practice.