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200h Yoga Teacher Training at Smiling Dog Yoga

  • Smiling Dog Yoga 1227 Archer Street San Luis Obispo, CA, 93401 United States (map)

This training encourages exploration and curiosity. It is not prescriptive. Unlike other trainings that might encourage the memorization of asana, Sera offers students a foundation of knowledge they can build on and make their own. She encourages students to find their voice and makes clear that everyone has something unique to offer. 

This sets you on the path to becoming a great teacher and arms you with the tools and knowledge you will need on your journey. It  will strengthen your personal practice. It recognizes yoga as disruptive and will challenge you to think outside of convention.

Upon completion you will be able to practice movement at home with confidence, make intelligent modifications to your practice in class, and of course, share a wealth of knowledge as a solid teacher of yoga. 

We are offering full certification options as well as those for deeper study with out the certification.

This training will cover in depth :

  • Asana (alignment, sequence theory, therapeutics)

  • Physical and Subtle Anatomy (including ha/tha schematics, vayu mechanics, bandhas, nadis, chakras, koshas)

  • Art of Sequencing for Change and Development of Physical and Subtle Bodies (therapeutics - physical, emotional and energetic, strength building, weight management)

  • Art of Adjustments and Body Observation (including applied massage technique and marma therapeutics)

  • Ayurveda : Indian Science of Medicine (as applied through 5 elements philosophy)

  • Pranayama (methods, how to see, control, direct Prana)

  • Yoga Philosophy (Panjanli’s Yoga Sutras - 8 Limbs of Yoga, Bhagavad Gita, Sankhya Theory, Purusha Arthas, Hatha Yoga Pradipika)

  • History of Yoga (including the styles of practice)

  • Chanting, Sanskrit and Musicality in Practice

  • Developing Your Voice (teaching from a thoughtful, present, service oriented, organic place)

  • Business of Yoga

Why this training ?

  • This training is thoughtful, clear, and inspiring. It is based off 20 years of faithful study and practice.


  • You will become a whole and individual teacher. Your confidence will come from direct and deep comprehension of the purpose for movement and breath.


  • Your classes will be appropriately built to serve the students in the room, the time of day and year, and will be inspiring, creative, scientifically supported, and safe.

About Your Teacher :

Sera, your lead teacher, has been a lifetime student and accomplished teacher of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Thai Body Work. Her knowledge of physical and subtle anatomy is grounded in present experience and every day inquiry. She specializes in bringing the subtle into the clear present and revealing the hidden art in the obvious. She has been teaching trainings internationally for over 6 years and has recently join the San Luis Obispo and Smiling Dog Family to grow her practice and share the gems of the practice.