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Pranayama : Learn to Control and Free the Breath

We always hear breath is the foundation of the practice and yet we are rarely offered the opportunity to build the foundation of breath in a fundamental way. Until now....!

In this 3 hour workshop we will learn what Pranayama means and how it relates to the practice of both Yoga as a whole and Asana as its part. We will learn what prana is and how it is different from breath and air as well as the various types of pranayama and what these techniques are for. 

The workshop will be equal parts experiential as lecture and you will leave enlightened and inspired. 

Pranayama need not feel like some heavy thing we "MUST DO" but rather as a technique in and of itself that can lead to higher states of appreciation and participation with life itself. 

This is wonderful for beginner practitioners as well as those who are seasoned and also who are teaching.

Topics will include :

- Brimhana/Langhana

- Prana vs. Air vs. Breath

- 5 Vayus

- Nadi Therapies (Chikitsa)

- Kumbakas (Retentions) + Bandhas

- Pranayama + Kosha (Body "sheeth" theory)

- How Pranayama relates to Sympathetic Nervous System vs. Parasympathetic Nervous System vs. Homeostatis 

- Variety of Breath practices and how to combine them with each other as well as asanas

- How to adapt breath practices for specific goals of balance and harmony

Cost : $55