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Is This My Ego?! Ayurvedic Exploration of Identity


We are all searching for that "perfect balance." We ask our friends what they do and we try and implement those behaviors. We get advice from health coaches, nutritionists, our wise parents, and still no matter what we do, adjust, tweak, still change feels impossible to maintain!

Why is this? Often our struggles have more to do with when we are trying to implement them more than what we are attempting to implement. Ayurveda is a rhythmic practice. It rests its palms on patterns, usually guided by the natural cycles of our gorgeous planet. Learning to understand and predict these cycles is the most effective way to implement change. Time, place, and circumstance are strong influencers and their pressure upon our personal constitutions must be embraced. In this workshop we will explore Ayurvedic theory and practical tools to make changes and move forward into the new year with grace.

In this workshop, we will explore what makes up an Ayurvedic Constitution. We will learn and apply the terms Dosha, Original Nature, Imbalanced Nature, as well as the 5 elements that combine to form all of these.

Often the Ego is perceived as something to be squashed and eliminated. However, through Yoga and Ayurveda we learn that a healthy, well loved, and supported Ego leads us to understanding who we are and what we contribute to the world. In this workshop we will explore the make up of our consciousness as presented by the breath-taking system of Samkhya. We will learn the various parts of the yogic mind, how they function independently and together and how to learn to manage and support them. If the goals of Yoga are quieting the turnings of the mind, it seems important to know then, what it is the mind is, so that we can then quiet their turnings!

We will begin with a practice from 2-3pm and lecture from 3-4pm. 

Understanding what the Ego is and how to assist its service will inevitably allow us to make different, more connected choices in our lives. The asana practice will permit us the ability to immediately apply these lessons gleaned from the lecture.

Cost : $45 early registrations, $50 at the door.