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Advanced Asana Practice at Smiling Dog Yoga - San Luis Obispo, CA

Ekapada Bakasana.jpg

The way postures can be built and sequenced together is an art in and of itself. All asanas belong to specific families. Complex asanas are made of simpler postures belonging to one of these particular families. The ability to understand how families unite creates wild opportunity for creativity and energetic experience.

In this workshop we will go over how "basic" or foundational postures can compound to become complex. We will also explore how transitions between postures can add to this incredibly playful, focused, and heightened experience.

This workshop is opened to all, but recommended for those who feel comfortable in a vinyasa class.

* Please note this course has been approved by Yoga Alliance for Continuing Education credits. 

Cost: $75 (10% off for SDY Members, Teachers & Staff)