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Ayurveda : Understanding the Depth ; New Hampshire

Understanding Ayurveda is like observing a masterful painting. At first we can only see the whole work itself- the path to such fullness, concealed. However, with increased attention and observation, a method and a course unveils.

Join us Sunday April 10, at the Newmarket Mill Yoga Studio as we examine the facets that make up the brush strokes of Ayurveda. We will learn how to see our choices with this kind of artists eye. Through this inspirational method, we will learn how to make more supportive and sustainable choices in our lives to propel us into a profound sense of self, health and deep satisfaction. Contact us to register through the Newmarket Mills Yoga or at Renuatum's website

Teachers Sarra Kaufman and Carlisle Amlak are both Ayurvedic Practitioners and Health Educators - students of the California College of Ayurveda, among others.