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Unique, Complete and Universal : the Experience of Ha-tha Yoga ; Philadelphia PA

Often we add and subtract what we like from the Ha-tha Yoga program to match the paradigm of our lives and needs. However, it is likely, that that which we are editing is already built into the practice without our awareness.

Yoga has manifested to assist us with the joys and burdens of life incarnated and is built to support us, likely without necessary complication. We complicated yoga because our lives are complicated, but this will rarely serve our needs to move into greater simplicity and understanding of the world.  

This is the goal of this immersive day at Palo Santo Wellness in Philadelphia. We will learn how to use completely Vedic Technique to create a balanced asana class - one that connects 4 of the 7 Koshas together, that controls Vayu and manipulates the Nadi to create an experience that is deep, gradual and life changing. 

The afternoon will begin with a full 2h asana class, exploring these techniques as a practioner. After which we will move into a full lecture and discussion as to what these things are and how and why they work. We will study Sankhya, Vayus, Nadis, Prana, and Kosha. 

Email me for more information and register with Palo Santo Wellness. Please join us!