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Balanced Practice : Learn to Move, See, Sequence, Teach Cohesively in Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you are looking to understand how movement, posture, breathing, and thoughts affect yours and/or your students experience of health and wellbeing, this immersion is for you. Using the methods of Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda, we will explore :

* The purpose of Asana

* What is Prana, how it moves and its relationship to Breathing

* Modes of Concentration to develop deeper focus, understanding, and peace of mind

* Subtle Body Mechanics : How movement, and pressure points manipulated with breathing and concentration create varied physical responses. 

*Sequencing for Class or Personal Practice : we will discuss, analyze, and specify more complex and creative sequencing - built for a clear purpose beyond "peak pose,” utilizing the structures examined previously. 

Dates : Dec 3-7, 2016 

Hours : 7:30am - 3:30pm with a one hour break for lunch.

Cost : $350 USD (12,000 Baht) if paid before November 28, 2016. $500 USD (20,000 Baht) if paid after.

About our Host City :

Chiang Mai is an intimate town nestled in the riches of Northern Thailand. It is surrounded by fertile hills and golden temples with perches awaiting Garuda's clasp. The dedicated history and faith Thailand carries is a perfect compliment to inspire the kind of exploration intended by this program.

My hope for those involved is that after this course, the Yoga will have a deeper sense of “settling” inside of each student so that it begins to express as an emanation from within, like a soft, but strong wind. It might present in the form of teaching yoga, or personal practice, or just as a means of walking through the world. I always feel that deeper understanding makes the ground both feel firmer and more fecund.