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Beautiful Patterning : Yoga, Mantra, and Ayurveda to Create Sustainable and Fertile Practices for Teaching and Self-Practice, Chiang Mai, Thailand

In this 5 day course, we will observe the natural patterns of how we move, breathe, think, sing, and generally express ourselves. We will contrast these with our goals and visions for our lives and those of our students. As we deeper grasp the relationship between action and result, we will discover if our choices are harmonious with our goals, or not so. Using the tools of Yoga and Ayurveda, we will gather the abilities to be more observant, clear, concise, and creative in how we present ourselves both in practice and the world.

In this course we will cover :

* Asana and movement construction - Learn the methods of addressing the energetic body in movement

* Asana sequencing relating to qualities of movement and specific goals

* Discovering the difference between therapeutic movement and general moving

* Breathing techniques to increase sensitivity and concentration development

* Mantra and mental practices to manipulate the physical and energetic bodies based on the qualities of our goals

* Understand the success of goals based on Post Effect of practice

Hours : Class will run from 7-9:30am (practice) with a break for breakfast until 12pm. Class will recommence from 12-4:30pm 

Location : Class will take place at Wild Rose Yoga Studio in the beautiful heart of Chiang Mai Thailand 

Cost : $350 USD (12,000 Baht) if paid before Dec 15, 2016. $500 USD (20,000 Baht) if paid after.