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Ayurvedic Yoga Immersion - Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Chiang Mai Thailand (map)

Yoga offers a strong stable way to become more attuned through all expressions of movement and stillness, whether that be of the body or the contours of the mind. In a simplistic way, yoga teaches us the methods for perception and growth while Ayurveda teaches us how to perceive and then apply these technique for growth.

In this comprehensive 6 day course, we will explore how Yoga and Ayurveda work synergistically together. By the end of the 6th day you will feel literate in body and mind movement both in yourself and those around you. You will gain tools to learn how to decrease what is in excess and increase what is in depletion using 5 sense therapies and sequences of asana. You will become more fluent in Prana and see it in its fullness while getting to know it in nuance. 

Each morning we will start with a 2h practice geared around the daily topic. After class we will take a break and you will have time to take notes on what you observed, felt, and want to clarify. When we return from our break we will analyze the experience and focus of the class. Lecture will follow. Each day will you have homework based on the lecture of the previous day. Homework will be sequence building using asana, pranayama, and mental exercises. We will discuss these after the daily yoga classes as well.

We will cover :

Asana building based on Marma

5 Vayus

5 Elements

3 Doshas

10 senses

Ego/Mind Development

Sense Therapies based on Brimhana and Langhana Chikitsa



About our Host City :

Chiang Mai is an intimate town nestled in the riches of Northern Thailand. It is surrounded by fertile hills and golden temples with perches awaiting Garuda's clasp. The dedicated history and faith Thailand carries is a perfect compliment to inspire the kind of exploration intended by this program. 

My hope for those involved is that after this course, the Yoga will have a deeper sense of “settling” inside of each student so that it begins to express as an emanation from within, like a soft, but strong wind. It might present in the form of teaching yoga, or personal practice, or just as a means of walking through the world. I always feel that deeper understanding makes the ground both feel firmer and more fecund.

Cost : $400 USD early bird (Before Dec 15, 2017) | $500 USD after Dec 15, 2017

Register Early! Our program is capping at 14 students!