The Hamsa : Our Mission

Hamsa, the beautiful swan, the carrier of Saraswati Ma. Its essence is  that of poetic and innate wisdom. This  bird, so majestic, is able to separate soma, the nectar of immortality, from water. Her promise, through attuned awareness, time, dedication, is for our ability to do the same - to pull prana from air, tejas from fire, soma from water.

Her sound is of balanced breath, So Ham Ham Sa So Ham. Every inhale So, every exhale, Ham. Each conscious, even breath is  a rhythmic mantra "I am That, That I am, I am That." "That" is the seed of God. 

Hamsa is the flowing gati, the rhythm of the pulse of balanced water and earth. Yoga and Ayurveda is the balancing of the elements with each other. The ability for earth and water to function well requires the nuanced harmony of all the elements that precede : space, air, and fire.

As Yogis and Ayurvedic students, we are devoted to the Hamsa, to the essence of Saraswati. Her cause is rhythm, elemental balance, beauty, art, learning and service to a higher cause. 

The practice offered by Hamsa Yoga and Ayurveda is one that carries this strong, clear, creative, softness of Prakruti herself. We rest ourselves at her feet, carry her message with honor, and graciously absorb her essence.

Our goal is to become more sensitive to the innate beauty of the Universe, to bow to the process of learning for the sake of deeper understanding and empathy, and to awaken to the rolling chorus of Nature.  

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