Feel Well Catering

Allow us to support your small and large events and gatherings with flavorful, seasonal, colorful, and utterly delicious meals, snacks, and beverages. We can create the menu together based upon your event's themes - or allow us to synthesize it for you!

Cost : 

Single Meals

Pricing starts at $80 for a single meal for a group of up to four people plus the cost of ingredients.  Please email to discuss pricing for larger parties.

Multiple Meals

Pricing starts at $150 for a full day of meals (three) for a party of up to four people plus the costs of ingredients. Please email to discuss events for larger groups.

Personal, Seasonal Cleanses

Every season offers an opportunity to reorient, re-acclimate, and transition into the season ahead. Let us plan and execute this with you. We can create programs lasting from 3 days to as long as 9. 

You will receive :

  • Meal plan menu (including snacks and drinks)

  • Applicable herbs

  • Meditations, Yoga + Exercise plans

  • Regular check ins and emailed inspirations

Cost : Initial consultation is required if a new client. The Initial cleanse consultation fee is $90.

For the cleanse itself, pricing begins at $150 for a 3 days and extends to $350 for a full 9 days.