Ayurvedic Health Consultation


Oftentimes, we are aware of certain levels of discomfort, but it is not enough to provoke great change. These kinds of discomforts can often lead to larger issues months or years down the road.  Ayurveda serves to unearth the habitual, dietary, and psychological factors that can disturb the body and mind over time leading to future complication.

In our sessions together, we will review current habits and lifestyle patterns and relate them to desired goals - of body and mind health, general living, work, and creativity to name a few. Together we will build practices of activity (and inactivity), cooking and food choice, thought patterns and if necessary, herbal remedies, to restore the mind/body complex to its natural state of harmony.

Initial Session will take up to an hour and a half. First meeting includes one follow-up session. Future session will be schedule as needed to build and fine tune the program. 


Rates :

Option 1 (Recommended) : 6 Week Development Program :

We have created most of our chronic health complaints over years of habitual living. Due to this, sometimes creating new patterns can be difficult, emotional, and require focused energy.

Often it is easier to embark on this kind of journey with someone to guide and support.

This Program thus, is a group effort. I will be by your side and we will work together to make manageable, but thorough life changes.

  • 90 minute initial consult + weekly phone or in person meetings

  • Personalized lifestyle adjustments

  • Option to extend 6 week program

    • Personal Development Add-on’s :

      • Cooking Classes

      • Food Preparation and Schedule Support

      • Shopping Support.

Cost : $550 and $50 for personal development add ons

Option 2 : 90 minute consult  (Includes) :

This program is best for the person who feels ready to make immediate lifestyle adjustments motivated by their own deep need for change.

  • Personalized lifestyle adjustments

    • Yoga, Breathing Techniques, Food + Nutrition

  • Personalized, relevant herbal formulas

    • Oils, Tablets etc.

  • 30 minute phone follow up after 2 weeks

Cost : $195

Future "up-keep "follow ups (recommended for at least 6 weeks) : $50